Uneven concrete causes dangerous tripping hazards.

Prevent serious injuries by using the foam
jacking method for commercial and residential sites.

“ I saved $3,000 on the cost of redoing my concrete! ”

The deck around my pool was really uneven. A friend recommended Concraised. They were responsive on the phone,and came down quickly to give an estimate. Their work was smooth and professional, and the job was complete in a few hours: right after they left, my kids were back in the pool! Highly recommended!

Robert Anderson, residential client, Spring Valley, NY

Do you know the high personal and financial cost of uneven concrete?

100000 +

Americans suffer injuries from slips and falls from uneven surfaces and tripping hazards annually

$ 10000

Average insurance payout for injuries and medical expenses resulting from slips and falls raising premiums

$ 10000000

Paid out in lawsuits annually for injuries resulting from uneven concrete

What is concrete slab lifting?

A method of leveling concrete that has been used by municipalities for 25+ years on highways, bridges, and in commercial and residential settings.

How concrete slab lifting works:

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Sinking concrete is a risk you shouldn’t take- at home or on the job.

If you have uneven:

Why choose foam jacking over replacing your existing concrete?

Introducing Concraised

Leveling your concrete so it’s as even and great looking as the day it was poured.

No mismatched concrete.

No messy excavations.

No delays in using the surface.

Let your safety worries become a thing of the past!

Why choose Concraised?

Affordably Priced

Our cost-effective service is 50%-65% less than redoing concrete.

Fast, Friendly Service

Quick scheduling of estimates and jobs, most jobs completed in under a day, ready for immediate use.

A spotless job site

Detailed, meticulous work. No mess or heavy equipment ruining expensive landscaping.

“ It was a quick, efficient, cost-effective process ”

We had several uneven sidewalks towards the entrance of a healthcare building. We were worried it would be a tripping hazard. We considered replacing it and we heard about Concraised. It was a quick, efficient, cost-effective process. Also I recomend instant withdrawal casino. We couldn’t be happier with the results!

Gary Deboar, Commercial Building Manager

Who we serve

Commercial and residential property managements Residential home owners Municipalities Any size property with any size concrete issue.

Areas we serve

The NY and NJ regions

Our Process



to our pleasant and efficient sales team



a prompt free estimate from our manager



your job on our calendar



your surface leveled to perfection, the Concraised gold standard!

Making great first impressions, one perfect walkway at a time.

5-year warranty on materials and labor

50- 65% of the cost of concrete replacement

1,000’s of dollars saved for clients

Don’t replace it, Raise it!