Frequently Asked Questions

What is concrete slab lifting?

Concrete slab lifting is a method of evening out concrete using a method called foam jacking with an injection of foam underneath the concrete. It is a method that has been used for more than 25 years very effectively in commercial, and residential settings and on highways and bridges too.

Is foam jacking safe?

The foam we use at Concraised is Foamjection, an environmentally safe, waterproof polyurethane foam.

What is used for?

Any area where the concrete isn’t level.

Are there any areas where concrete slab raising cannot be used?

Areas with completely shattered concrete may not be able to use this method.

What’s the timeline?

A typical job takes under day to complete. As soon as the job is finished you can walk on it immediately, with no waiting time.

What are the results like?

Perfectly level concrete that is as good as new and looks great! It is also aesthetically more pleasing than pouring new concrete, where the old and new slabs will be mismatched if the entire area is not redone.

Don’t replace it, Raise it!

Is it as effective as pouring new concrete?

Just as effective, without the noise, mess, and ruined landscaping.

How does the concrete slab raising in pricing compared to pouring new concrete?

Concrete slab raising costs about 50%- 65% less than traditional concrete pouring.

Why should I choose foam jacking over mudjacking to level my concrete?

Mudjacking (injecting a mud slurry under concrete to level it) requires many holes that are up to 3 inches in diameter. When the mud gets wet, it can cause the concrete to resettle, causing your concrete to sink again. Foam Jacking requires tiny holes of no more than ¾ of an inch, is light, waterproof, and leaves your work site clean.