About Us

Who we are

Concraised is a small business based in Spring Valley, NY. Established 2015 , and servicing the regional NY and NJ areas. It is owned and operated by Meir Weinberger and managed by Baruch Weiner.

What we do

Concraised takes the worry and headache out of your liability and personal injury worries by fixing your concrete quickly and correctly. So you can go back to shipping from your warehouse, tanning by the pool, or grilling on the patio ASAP.

Our commitment


Materials and labor that we stand behind Work that is 100% guaranteed for 5 years (but can and does last for 50).


That is unparalleled in our industry: Responsive, responsible staff who get back to you promptly before, during, and after the job is done.

Peace of mind

Knowing that your staff and family are safe from accidental slips, trips, and falls.

Don’t replace it, Raise it!